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HI! I'm Scott and I thank you for visiting my site! I couldn't be more excited about introducing you to a business that taps my love for creativity, socialization, and hard work!

I've been drawing for longer than I can remember and took art classes as early as 7 years-old! Of course they were healthily balanced with baseball, scouts, football and "playing"…but art classes nonetheless! My interest and passion for art and design followed me through college where I received a degree in Fine Arts at James Madison University. My first job was in the art department of a local swimming retailer and then onto more "corporate" environments where I focused on computer graphics and web page design. In time, I stumbled upon the realization that computer graphics were WILDLY popular in the "web" world and that there is a very fine line between artist and "developer" in that arena!

While the money was good, cubical life and "coding" are just not my gig…and alas, "Murals & More" is born! I have had the good fortune of being able to try my hand at muraling and faux painting as a side job for family and friends. I LOVED the freedom, creative venue, and sense of accomplishment – but perhaps most satisfying was working with people and using my talent to make THEIR ideas a reality!

With Murals & More recently celebrating its fifth anniversary, I still love the decision I made to pursue this full time and I still take it VERY SERIOUSLY. This IS my livelihood! I have a wonderfully supportive wife and three beautiful children that are counting on me to do quality work and provide a great service at a good value! I truly believe that everyone should be surrounded by beautiful art and I work hard to make it affordable!


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